Wheel of Wellbeing

The wheel of wellbeing was originally developed through Impacts 08 but has continued to evolve with user feedback. It is still not in final form but arts and community organisations are welcome to use it and send us feedback on how it works for them.

The aim of the wheel is to give a quantified measure of qualitative experiences, allowing a project to explore the impacts of its activities on the people who participate. It is designed to be completed by project participants, either on their own at their leisure or with support from the project group leader.

The wheel measures a subjective change in various wellbeing indicators (selected from extensive research and constantly being revised with feedback from users), and is designed to be used both to generate numbers showing the change (averaged across the group) and also as a prompt for a more qualitative discussion about how it reflects the participants′ actual experience.

Full documentation is in preparation and I encourage you to discuss it with me prior to and during use, I will also provide the password to anyone on request, however in brief:

  • Project leaders set up a group, selecting indicators (I encourage you to involve participants in this if possible), and adding users
  • Users are sent an email with an explanation and a link to the site, they then use a simple slider system to show how much they feel each indicator is a strength or a challenge in their lives at the moment.
  • This is repeated at a later date and a ″wheel of wellbeing″ is produced, showing them how their self-defined scores have changed over time
  • The project leader gets a single composite wheel showing the averages of all users which is thus anonymised and can be used for external reference.

The Wheel of Wellbeing is available to try.

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  1. yes – you need a password to become a group leader – it isn’t a great secret, am just trying to avoid too much spam. Mail/comment me and I’ll send you it.

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